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WELCOMEto Entrepreneurs Organization Mumbai Chapter.

Taking entrepreneurship to a new level

About Us

EO Mumbai was founded in 1997 and has a membership base of over 200. EO Mumbai has some of the well-known names in the industry to its credit. The Local Chapter conducts programmes related to topics like art, culture, science, technology, geo-political, political, finance, economics, self development and so on, where in the EOer learns from prominent leaders in the business. These programmes are closed-door sessions, restricted exclusively to the EOer and his family, and not to the general public or press.

As a member of EO, you gain access to a wide variety of tailor-made benefits designed to help you grow your business and become a better leader. Supporting the complete entrepreneur, EO offers numerous resources to help you excel in your business, family, community and personal life. You’ve made it this far as a business owner— let EO take you to the next level!

What would you give for the ability to tap into a group of 7-10 fellow business owners who can offer you direction based on their experiences? Your Forum is designed to meet your unique needs as an entrepreneur and help you reach new measures of success and significance.


EO Membership Criteria

  • Be the founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder of a company.

  • Hold one of the above titles for a company that grosses more than US$1 million annually.

  • For venture-backed companies to qualify for membership, they must have privately raised funds of US$2 million or publically rised finds of US$5 million and 10 full-time employees. Venture-backed companies have three years before they must meet the standard qualification of US$1 million in gross annual revenue.

There is no age criteria currently to join EO, and you cannot "age out."

Just because an entrepreneur meets our qualifications, it does not necessarily mean he or she should become a member.

EO Member Application Process

  • Application Review: Once received, your application will be reviewed by your local chapter to ensure that all criteria is met.

  • Chapter Communication: Upon receipt of your application, your local chapter will schedule an interview with you to further explore your interest in EO.

  • EOaccess: When your application is accepted, you will gain access to Forum, chapter and Global events, as well as a wide variety of other member benefits. Discover the benefits available to you.

  • Orientation and Training: Within the first three months of membership, you will partake in an EO orientation, which will include a welcome package and introductory information from a member of the EO staff. You will also go through Forum training and be placed in a Forum.

  • Member Dues:  Member fees comprise both Global and chapter dues. Global dues are currently US$1,900 (plus a one-time US$1,500 initiation fee) and are prorated based on the fiscal month you join. Chapter dues differ depending on your chapter’s policies.​

Our Benefits


We have Forum

A MEMBER-LED, CONFIDENTIAL, PEER-SHARING PROGRAM. Tap into a group of 7-10 fellow business owners who can offer you direction based on their experiences


Our chapter conducts 2 Retreats every fiscal year. An International Retreat for Members and Spouses and a Mini Retreat for Members and their families.

Educational Events

The Chapter conducts learning events, social events as well as off site activities each year to enrich members’ knowledge as well as making them well rounded.



EO Global Universities enable you to learn from business experts, experience other cultures and build relationships with members outside of your chapter.

Executive Education Programs

EO is proud to offer members the opportunity to learn at a more intense level through executive-education programming. It strives to bring members to new levels of leadership in business and beyond.

Health Network Foundation

EO members can call Health network for unparalleled VIP access to more than 30 of the most highly ranked hospitals in the U.S.


Creates personalized MyEO Forums geared toward their unique interests. Do you have a personal passion that can drive the creation of a MyEO Event?


Companies that provide significant value to EO member through sponsorship support or in-kind value such as discounts, upgrades and special access.

EO Marketplace

EO Marketplace is an online platform for sharing and creating online deals.


RIE and EO Spark

These multi Chapter events are not only great learning events but a great way to enjoy EO and network beyond your chapter.


EO Mentorship fosters relationships aimed at high-level leadership and personal development within a structured timeframe.

Contact Us

  • 11 Silva Croft, 159 Perry Road,
  • Bandra, Mumbai 400 050
  • carroll@eomumbai.org
  • 201 Orchid Pride, Convent Avenue,
  • S.V. Road, Santacruz, Mumbai 400 054
  • dave@eomumbai.org
  • Uniphos House, 11th Road,
  • Madhu Park, Khar (W),
  • Mumbai – 400 052.

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