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As the world’s only peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs, EO helps transform the lives of those who transform the world.

Rosenyn Kapur
I have been an EO member for the past 11 years and the experience has been nothing short of fabulous. Shunal and I have made some everlasting friendships. The learning events, the retreats and most of all 'FORUM' have provided us insights, experiences and support that we will always cherish and remember.
Ameya Chandavarkar
EO Mumbai constantly gives me exceptional opportunities to learn, grow and challenge myself while enjoying building meaningful friendships with other enterprising members. Whether it’s a retreat or an educational gig, I’m always looking forward to the next EO event.
Mehool Bhuva
It was that one phone call from jai Shroff way back in 1997 that changed my entire life . I was at my factory in baroda and he asked me to fly back the next day to mumbai for an orientation to join an organization called yeo -the fee then was rs25000 (yes new members I haven't forgotten the 2extra zeros).The next day I saw the young And enthusiastic Vikram Shroff Prashant Choksey and Neel Raheja planning the nitty gritty's of the launch .i was part of the first 2forums and have been in the same forum no 2 for last 19years and it was my forum that helped me sail through the ups and downs and the challenges in the roller coaster ride called life .apart from the fact that I am stuck for the rest of my life with my forum buddy Sasha ,I have enjoyed the entire journey with learning from events ,once in a lifetime experiences at retreats and the amazing networking with Eo members from my chapter and across the whole wide world.